AdBlock Restricted: PlanckStudio Apps Now Enforce No-AdBlock Policy

At PlanckStudio, we believe in growth, innovation, and creating apps that resonate with our users. In our ongoing journey to enhance user experience and sustain our commitment to delivering high-quality products, we want to share a significant update regarding the upcoming versions and releases of our Android apps, including Crafty, Bot, PlanckWall, PlanckAiGen, and all future offerings.

A Shift in Access: In response to the increasing use of AdBlockers, we’ve taken a strategic step to foster an environment that supports the sustainable development of our apps. Starting with the upcoming releases, users employing AdBlockers will be prevented from accessing certain features within our applications.

The Rationale Behind the Decision: The decision to restrict access for AdBlock users stems from our dedication to providing a seamless and ad-supported user experience. By discouraging the use of AdBlockers, we aim to ensure the continuous availability of our apps for free, supported by relevant and non-intrusive advertisements.

Key Highlights:

  1. Ensuring Sustainable Development: The revenue generated from advertisements is crucial for the ongoing development, maintenance, and improvement of our apps. This measure is designed to secure a sustainable environment that allows us to consistently enhance our offerings.
  2. Balancing Free Access: Many of our apps are offered for free, and advertising is instrumental in maintaining this accessibility. By implementing this change, we aim to strike a balance between free access and supporting the ongoing development of PlanckStudio’s apps.
  3. User Transparency: We value transparency and want our users to understand the reasoning behind this decision. Clear communication is key, and we are open to feedback as we navigate these changes together.
  4. Feedback Mechanism: We encourage users to share their thoughts and feedback regarding this change. Your insights are valuable to us, and we are committed to listening and adapting to create an ecosystem that aligns with our user community’s expectations.

Conclusion: As we move forward, the PlanckStudio team remains dedicated to providing innovative, user-centric apps. This change is part of our ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving landscape and ensure a sustainable future for the products you love. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to create a better and more vibrant experience for all PlanckStudio users.

– Yash Gohel (Founder, PlanckStudio)

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